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At TLA Systems, we are proud to offer truly different Information Technology services.   Our philosophy is to foster an in-depth ongoing relationship with a smaller number of clients.   Although many claim they can offer this, we really are set up to be your IT department.  

Your consultant will not be a narrowly-focused expert, but a person with wide areas of experience and expertise.   We do have experts available, seasoned professionals with many years of experience in areas like art, accounting, website design, UNIX, network administration, website programming, e-commerce and online advertising available at any time to help your consultant with a specialized issue, but we believe you have the right to expect that your consultant will be able to resolve most issues without help.  

Why do we believe this is important?   Because in so many firms, people end up spending up lots of hours in meetings, just coordinating between the "cast of thousands" working on a client's account.   This is expensive, and doesn't really bring value to the client.   In fact, just the opposite: it's common to have things "slip between the cracks" when many people work on a project; with a single person responsible and doing most or all of the work, "dropped balls" are much less frequent.  

We are committed to offering an excellent value, and we believe that our way of doing business put us in a much better position to deliver it.  

What this means to you is that you will have a truly knowledgeable consultant assigned to your account, who will provide constant coverage for every IT related issue relevant to your business.   You will not have to keep explaining your business or what you want to do to each new person, or suffer through poorly-suited solutions, that might work for someone in a different business, but not for yours.   Your consultant will truly become familiar with your business, so he or she will be able to bring up issues you need to be aware of or to consider.  

While this does not necessarily mean that your consultant will be able to address every single issue you may have, (although that is usually true,) it does mean they will certainly be able to understand each issue; we can assure you that you will never have to explain a technical issue to a clueless salesperson or account manager: you can always speak with your consultant directly.   Since your consultant has a limited number of clients, you can trust that they will have your situation and needs in mind, even when not visiting you.  

An additional benefit of our business model is that, because your fees are only used to pay our consultants and (very low) office overhead, not high-commission "account managers" who add no real value, our fees are more reasonable than many other firms who claim to do what we do.

If you know you need help, but you have hesitated because you don't want to pay specialist rates to a large group of people you don't know and who don't know your business, then do yourself a favor and contact us.   We offer a variety of business arrangements, so you can receive an excellent value on terms you are comfortable with.

If you just want someone to come in, fix the 3 things that are bothering you, and go away until you call again a couple of months from now, we can refer you to reputable firms that are in that business, but that is not what we do.

Our mission is to provide high value full-service Information Technology services to a select group of clients.

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