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We have a wonderful amount of experience in analysis, design, and construction of custom software.   We have experts in literally dozens of programming languages and environments.  

Currently, most of our programming work is being done with PHP, which is a fairly recent (ca. 1999) language developed for creating server-based applications for the Worldwide Web.   This is because we find that most of our clients now want the same information to be accessible to all their employees simultaneously, and they also want to be able to access it from home.   Previously, this involved using either a networking system (VPN) that is expensive and difficult to set up for each PC, or else some sort of "remote control" system that is difficult to set up and not terribly reliable.  

Web-based applications address all these difficulties, and extremely economically: almost all web hosting services provide PHP at no cost, or else at extremely low cost.   Thus, as long as you have a web site, you can normally host a PHP application on it at no additional cost.

The other great advantage of using a web-based application is that it does not have to be installed on each PC from which someone will use it; as long as you have a web browser and know the web address where to find the application, it will work.  

Of course, our applications are normally secured by a variety of means: when appropriate, passwords and even IP address filtering are used, if it is, for example, desired to restrict use of the application to users in your office.   Sometimes, a special password will allow access from outside the office for specific users.

One of the great advantages of working with a smaller consultancy is that, while we have great depth of expertise, we do not have a "cookie cutter" approach, so we can apply as much creativity as is appropriate to the problem.

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