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There are actually a few sub-specialties involved in designing a web site so it is functional and beautiful.

Artists may be needed to produce appropriate graphics.   Your consultant has the option of calling on an artist with experience working for Madison Avenue advertising firms.

Photographs may be needed to illustrate your product(s) or location(s).

Designers may be needed to privide an overall "look and feel" compatible with your other promotional materials or campaigns.   We can also work with your existing advertising agency.   Also, the designer does the very important work of ensuring that the website can be used easily and is not confusing.  

Programming may be needed, if your web site has a database or pages that change frequently or a very large number of pages.   Also, if you wish to sell anything directly through your website, programming will be necessary to make it happen.  

Testing must be done to be sure that everything works as expected.

Lastly, the project must be managed to ensure that everything fits together, on time and within budget.  

After the site is delivered, some clients choose to have us host the website on our servers.  We also offer domain name registration, E-commerce services, and email hosting services for the convenience of our clients.

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